Difference between vaporizer, humidifier and diffuser: How beneficial are diffusers to our Health.

Cool mist humidifiers, vaporizers, and diffusers are all effective tools supplying humidified air into your home. In this article, I’ll be explaining to you how a humidifier, vaporizer and a diffuser can help make your home more comfortable for you and your children. It is very surprising what a difference a little water can make from these three. They all come with their various health benefits but the health benefits of a diffuser surpass the other two. Let’s do a close elaboration of them.

First, a vaporizer functions by boiling water stored in its tank which in turn delivers heated steam into your home. In order to produce a medicated mist, add some medicated liquid into the water.

However, humidifier produces cool moisture as it cools the water in the storage tank before producing moisture into the air and results to a much cooler humidity. Humidifiers are of two types, we have the cool mist and warm mist and they perform the same function but in different ways. Humidifier therapy helps to add moisture to the air in the room to prevent dryness of the skin, throat, lips, and nose.

Diffusers, however, function by dispersing essential oils so that their aroma fills a room. There is a wide range of diffusers that vary in terms of their uses and one of the simplest ways to fill the room with the scents of aromatherapy oils are to simply add a few drops to a tissue and then place the tissue in the center of the room.

The three varying products on the market all help in moisturizing our home. But the process of diffusing is considered healthy to use in a child’s room rather than a vaporizer and a humidifier. That’s why most doctors will recommend a diffuser over the others because of the important health benefits of using the aromatherapy method of moistening and aromatizing the home. These health benefits include:

Firstly, a diffuser is very beneficial because it promotes relaxation. The oils put into the diffusers produces a therapeutic fragrance which boosts your confidence, ease your muscle, and relieves nausea and motion sickness. All these are effective stress busters.

Secondly, diffusers relieve hypertension. There are drugs available for lowering blood sugar levels but these drugs come with their side effects. However, some diffuser essential oils are highly recommended as a miraculous cure for hypertension.

Thirdly, it facilitates a healthy menstrual cycle and treats depression due to the aroma it fills your home.

Another health benefit a diffuser can provide to your home with its aromatherapy is to help remove unpleasant odors and other airborne pathogens, helps with weight management and it also helps in strengthening the immune system.

All in all, diffusers has enormous health benefits and it is an effective and easy way to clean the air in the house which relaxes the mind and body and also improves one’s alertness and concentration.